Sunday, February 10, 2008


Thank you so much to everyone that showed their support to the program by donating time and money. Without your generosity, we never would have been able to bring to you the wonder that was THE RETURN OF SUPER ICE WOLF!

Super Ice Wolves (Over $1,000)
Abra Nowitz & Michael Gordon

Professor Kirby ($200-$500)
Arts for All/Capgemini

Warm Hearted Students ($100-$199)
Ben Ghambi, Bill Higgins, Jason Lamberth, Katie Robbins, Mahinder Suneja, Mary Meyer Clothing, Pat Munoz & Alice Mellen, Roberta Parachini, The Mony Group, Jennie Haydel & Daniel Della Ripa

Ice Cubs (Up to $99)
Ashlea Bonds, Daniel Baer, Marissa Johnson, Morgan Mirvis, Sandra Roman, Sarah Romney, Calleen Martin, Adrienne Reese, Kate Schlichter, Lila Marshall, Marie Cartusciello, Wills Bates and Sarah Bereza, Inder & Uma Grover, Kathy Santora, Jennifer Rockwell, Alexandra Gershman, Evans Henkey, Loren Goetz, Penny & Loren Greeneich, Raj Kaup, Sukey Fontelieu, Yi-Chen Lai, James Rickman, Bonnie Pipkin Presents

(those who contributed time, materials, moral support)

Project C.O.O.L.:
Guin Ellsworth, Nora Zoographou, Marissa Perez and Aida Baez

Arts for All:
Anna Roberts;

Robert Bryn
Chris Parachini
Katie Robbins
Christian Serra
Christina Vassallo
Lisa Levine
Mateo Costa

and everyone who came to the performance and donated at the door

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